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About Us

The Cleaning Boutique provides a truly private and professional service to the home owner.

Home owners like me are very wary of people coming into their house providing services for security and insurance reasons. I prefer to see the same person coming each week not having to explain to each person what is required and where everything is.

I have a passion for cleaning and to me cleaning my own home is not a chore it's something I enjoy and love the feeling when it's done. I know the home cleaning service I provide is the service I would have expected myself if I were the client.

I offer a cleaning service to the customer ensuring they receive a reliable and trustworthy service from me and me only. The customer will also have the security knowing that I am fully trained and insured. A tailored cleaning service can be provided for the customer depending on their needs and requirements.

I offer a varied range of services throughout the year for one off occasions and regular cleaning services.

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