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Eco Cleaning Tips

Microwaves and Oven Cleaning
Use a damp cloth with equal amounts of vinegar and water. To remove odours, place a few lemon slices in a bowl of water. Put on high power for a few minutes.

Air Freshener
Baking soda eliminates odours. Mix 8 tbsp of baking soda with three drops of your favourite essential oil. Place in a decorative bowl or vase and this will freshen up your room. Soda in the bottom of ashtrays absorbs smoke smells.

Bicarbonate of soda:
A fabulous cleaner. Great for removing brown tea or coffee stains

White vinegar:

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and stain remover ? Don't use malt vinegar as your room will smell like your local chip shop!

TV Screens are a magnet for dust.
Wipe with a fabric softener sheet and this will reduce the static charge and reduce the amount of dust sticking to

Dirty fingerprints on walls:
An old remedy is rub the mark with moist stale white bread


While the tips above are tried and tested The Cleaning Boutiqué accepts no responsibility for the results.

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